Mixers / Water

Rotor Shaker

 Horizontal rotatory shaker designed for V.D.R.L. determination, also good for shaking any kind of container with a rotating motion. Adjustable speed from 0 to 90 140 r.p.m. Timer 0- 60 minutes Shaking surface 25X31cm .
Rotor Shaker
rotor shakerrotor shaker [175 Kb]

Water Bath BT DIGIT

 Waterbath thermostatated with 15 liters acrilic tank dimensions 50X23X15cm. Two 18mm test tube holders and one 13mm test tube holder for a total of 130 tubes. Thermostat head with 600W heating element . microprocessor based electronic termometer.3.2" Colour LCD with Touch Screen to set the Temperature and to make the Calibration. 


agglutinoscope MV190 is a manual system to perform blood group determination. Backlight acrilic plane with thermometer with sign on 37°C. Electronic backlight regulation.

MV36 2019MV36 2019 [162 Kb]

Hematology Mixer MV36

Hematology Mixer MV36 with 29 cm rotating plate. Electronic regulation of rotating speed: from 1 to 40 rpm. with 3.2"LCD and Touch Screen where are placed the Start and Stop buttons. and the regulation of the speed (from 1 to 40 rpm.) 20 holes allow to fix any test tube  of 5, 10 and 15 ml.

MV36 DocumentsMV36 Documents [409 Kb]